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Rebuild Your Heart

Why We're Here

Do you feel like you need a community to connect with that can understand what you're going through right now?

Do you feel like you're saying the same thing over and over - because you're just NOT over your breakup yet - and your friends and family are starting to tire of being your sounding board?

Are you feeling like you're all alone in your breakup with noone to turn to?


You CAN rebuild your heart. A healthy path exists to rebuild after a breakup and we know you want not just to heal, but to be OPEN to love again. 

We believe if you use your willpower, your humor and have patience with yourself you WILL get through the pain you're in. 

We initially developed an App that is helping thousands of users around the world get over their Ex in the healthiest way possible and we've had lots of requests for a private area for our users to share their thoughts - so we decided to to create that space.

We've loved the thoughts of our users and hope to bring that same support to this community.  Here's what people have said:

Our Community

This is a PRIVATE but OPEN to everyone forum to support each other - you can expect respect and empathy on your journey here. 

EVERYONE is welcome - heartbreak isn't specific to age, gender, religion, sexual orientation or anything else!

We're just getting started but in addition to creating a private space for members to share we'll also be hosting guest experts who have made broken relationships their expertise to help answer your questions and keep you on track towards your recovery.

As a member of breakup freedom, we want this to be a space for you to:  

~ Connect with people that are recovering from breakups and divorces to learn from and share your journey with.

~ Have a trusted private space to share what you're going through and know you are not alone.

~ Share stories, struggles, and ideas around ways to recover from your breakup and stop thinking about your Ex.

~ Find inspiration and strength to stay on your healthy journey to get past your Ex.

We'll be adding LOTS more in the future including live chats and videos with experts in healing your heart.

Hang in There

You CAN do this.  The pain you're feeling WILL pass and you will be on to the next phase of your life without your Ex in it and with all of the potential for new experiences and love to come to you!

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